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In the home page, tap on the “Create New Treatment” tab, to go to start the process of setting up a new treatment regimen. Start by entering a unique name of your choice for the treatment as prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. Fill up the details of your prescription into Navia’s simple and easy-to-use template for each medicine in that treatment. Tap on “+” to add individual medicines, and use our medicine autocomplete feature to select the medicine of choice, along with details such as time of medicine in a day, duration of treatment, amount per dose etc. Review your entries on the next page, select whether the treatment is meant for you as the app user, or if you are setting it up for someone else, and then start regimen from the same day itself. You will receive reminders for each dose and medicine automatically thereafter.
You will require internet access to set up a treatment regimen, but will receive reminders whether you have internet access at the time or not.
Yes, you will receive reminders via push notifications even if you don’t have internet access at that time.
Yes, Navia allows you to act as a caregiver for someone else - whether they have a internet-enabled phone or not. When prompted “Is this treatment meant for you”, select “No” and enter the recipient’s phone number. Thereafter, enter the OTP received on the recipient’s phone, and the intended beneficiary will receive reminders via SMS.
Navia ensures complete confidentiality of your personal medical data. Our servers store your data, only if necessary, and in condition of internet being unavailable on the phone, and that too in double encryption format, so that it is safeguarded.
All you require to register as a user on Navia, is a functional Indian phone number. During registration, you will be required to choose a 4-digit PIN of your choice, which acts as a password for your account. Further, date of birth restricts use of the app by users below the age of 18.
We have a database of over 100,000 drug brands that would fulfil most requirements from our users, but in case you cannot locate a medicine on it, please write in to us through our “Contact Us” tab, and we will add it to the database.
Navia Life Care will strive to provide seamless and impeccable functionality of the Navia application, but in case you do encounter any problem in functionality, then please don’t hesitate to write to us with the problem faced through our “Contact Us” page, and we will address it at the earliest.
Navia has a “Locate a pharmacy”option, that will help you find your nearest pharmacy. Enter the pin code of the area where you wish to find a pharmacy in our “Locate a pharmacy” option, and a list of all pharmacies in that pin code will be generated.
Navia aims to provide the best information about the drugs in your treatment. Once you have entered your treatment and started your regimen, in the “My Current Treatments” tab, you can tap on each drug dose row to find information on side effects, contraindications and warnings for major drugs.
Yes, when any user with a smartphone enters another user (who does not have a smartphone) to receive reminders, they are then sent to the non-internet enabled phone using SMS service
Navia is merely a tool to assist in compliance with your prescribed treatments. It is not a suggesting or a prescribing tool. Please consult your doctor before consuming any medication and in case of any medicine-related effects, please consult a licensed healthcare practitioner.
Navia is not aiming to replace any licensed medical practitioner, and will only serve in assisting the proper and timely consumption of medicines for users. Please do not seek to replace your doctor or pharmacist with this application.